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Welcome to World of A D D

Welcome to ADD World, a world of Interiors. Aakash Dream Designer, aka ADD  is the Interior Designing and Decoration firm, undertaking the turn-key projects, of interior spaces. Spaces, we mean all three dimensions and all six senses. You can ‘feel’ the spaces by ADD.

Pioneered in 2002, the company has made every attempt to satisfy its clients. At Aakash Dream Designer each square-inch of the premise is designed and executed to suit the needs of the client without following any typecast deigns and patterns; whether it is your home, office, shop or a clinic….we design personalize spaces. Our philosophy is simple …to create the customised spaces to suit your needs.

At Aakash Dream Designer  you can experience that each project is underpinned by a thorough process of designing, planning, visualization and a systematic and scientific execution. The whole process of designing and execution is backed and supported by technical consultants, technical designers, graphic artists, IT professionals and more than 40 regular suppliers and around 10 occasional specialized suppliers of the materials and services, all sharing the common motto of serving our clients the best!

Frequently spoken out concerns

Isn’t it expensive to hire a designer for small houses?

Certainly ‘NO’. Hiring a designer always helps you to keep to the budget. When a designer is appointed, he visualizes for you, prepares graphics for you. So you have beforehand idea as how the things are going to be and get clarity on it. He creates perfect drawings and details and only gets that much executed. This helps in wastage of time labour and money in redoing or reworking on the same job to make it to your satisfaction.  Many a times we have proved that with  ADD, actual cost of designing and consultancy plus execution is lesser than the job bill, with repairs and reworks, by a contractor without planning. 

Can ADD help us if we have our contractor who is with us for years?

Certainly ’YES’. At  ADD  our main motto is to satisfy you and satisfaction comes with comfort level too. If you are comfortable with your contractor we can undertake designing and consultancy and guide and help your contractor with time to time visits. Also, we can get our specialized agencies, consultants and suppliers, if your contractor is missing some. 

We fear that your cost will pile up as work progresses….

Your fear is not baseless.  That must be experience of past or some close friend or relative of you. The simple calculation behind this is many designers charge on percentage basis. So whenever you select anything expensive, the fees goes up for the same job. But with ADD  you can rest assure as basis of our fees is your carpet area and not the percentage. As long as carpet area is fixed and scope of the work is unaltered, so are our fees. So with  ADD  you are free to select the things you want. 

We fear delays and collapse of schedules…

Your fear is not baseless. It happens when one has no clarity about one’s needs and budget, when designer has not understood the client or when client and designer walk in different directions. But at  ADD  our centre of design process are client and his/ her needs, which allows us to understand you better, shape your thoughts better and walk with you. Also, pre-execution design work helps us schedule out the crucial processes or delivery of special materials in such a way that we can follow the schedule very well.  


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